03. Why you should listen to your intuiton

April 24, 2024

What is human design? and how to start using it.
what is this magical drink they call 'happy juice?!'
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I'm Lacie jaye!

An only child craving community, a podcaster, wife, and mama to two beautiful babes who is here to share her journey and live her life out loud.
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It's time you confidently walk around with a clear vision knowing your light radiates, your voice matters, and the dream inside you is yours to cultivate and bring to life.

I was in fetal position on my bed with severe chest pains.

Stress and frustration was starting to physically manifest in my body. I was laying there talking to Ben about how stressed out I was about a situation, and telling him I think we need to go to the urgent care..

… and then in a split second everything changed.

Ben was gently reminded me that I am creating this life, and people and situations are in my life so I can grow. I realized I was in a place of blame.

He was absolutely correct and in a moment I realized I had given away my power to everyone I was blaming, and decided to take full responsibility and take ownership of my life.

As soon as I made that decision, I went from fetal position to empowered and the chest pains instantly went away.

NOTE: Now, before we move forward, I would like to note that I would love to record an episode with Ben to talk more in depth on this situation, and his point of view. What he said breathed life back into me, and I was open to hear what he was sharing because honestly, it could have come off in a negative way. Also, if you have severe chest pains, get them checkout out. I was planning to, but this whole situation happened so fast. But it does show the power of physical pain manifesting from trapped emotions and energy within the body.

I wanted to share this story because I was in shock that I had gone from fetal position to inspired in 2.1 seconds. The minute I decided I was going to take my life back and start building it the way I felt called to, crazy things started happening. Like quantum leap status.

Within the week I bought my dream website ( yes, the one you are on right now. Pinch me!), I was getting visions and downloads for digital products to create for you.

I was in the flow!

As I look back I am reminded that I have an inner guidance system directing me, if I choose to listen to it. Clearly I had been ignoring it. I immediately tapped back into my intuition (also known as authority in human design).

If you are curious, I am a 6/2 emotional generator, so I started looking for what activities were lighting me up, and taking note on what was draining my battery.

I started going inward to find answers instead of outsourcing how to build my life with everyone else.

And now I am building Hey, Lacie Jaye to share with you!

Listen, building a business using your intuition is a wild ride, but so far it has been such a cool experience because it feels authentic and real, and instead of abiding by all the rules and “shoulds” of the world, I am tapping into my own power.

Wondering why I am sharing this with you? Because I want to help you go WITHIN. To trust what you are being called to do!

While my story might look different from yours, I know it can also spark something in you for your own journey. My favorite thing about what I do is helping you understand how to get your power back. So many of us are building business and lives based off of what we think it should look like, and we don’t even like the life or business we are building.

This is why I use the power of human design in my digital products and coaching calls. So you can understand how you best make decisions to be able create life life you love to show up for!

In this episode I also end up sharing a topic that keeps coming up around the idea of “gurus” teaching you how you should be building your business so you are successful. My internet friend, Renee with Fresh Life Approach has been talking about this as well.

While there are some incredible teachers out there, it is important to slow down enough to listen to what your intuition/authority is telling you. What do you actually want? What do you want to build? How do you want to build it?

Let me share a little bit about my own journey. I was told you need to build your social media to make money online. I was told you didn’t need a website or an email list, and while that can be true, the more I tried to listen to these “gurus” the more I felt out of alignment.

For for years, I showed up only on social media, which I ended up completely starting over on a new account, and it felt amazing!

Years ago I remember having a vision about how I would run my business.

  • Website
  • Podcast
  • Newsletter
  • Pinterest

… and from there I would post on social media. I loved this idea because I felt like I would have a hub for everything that lit my soul on fire and I wanted to share (multi-passionate people you get me!)

It has taken me years to finally listen to my intuition and go for it.

I am finally building the dang thing, and it feels so exciting and fun. Even the late nights are worth it. Here is the deal, I am not here to tell you to do the same thing I am doing, but sharing what happens when you stop trying to build from “I shoulds.” I also dont want you to find yourself 5 years into building your life only to realize it wasn’t build from a place of trusting yourself.

Obviously, I learned the hard way because I am starting over.

A little PSA, I want to make sure I am super clear. I am not telling you not to listen to teachers or course creators out there. I am saying that when you are able to trust yourself when it comes to making decisions, you will confidently be able to choose the right coach, course, NWM company to work with because there is so much noise out there.

Can I let you in on a little secret…

The truth is, I don’t have all the answers for you, but I know someone who does, and that someone is YOU!!

I am here to guide you and remind you of your vision and gifts you hold.

Ready to confidently walk around with a clear vision knowing your light radiates, your voice matters, and the dream inside you is yours to cultivate and bring to life! Let’s hop on a call together!!

We take the power of human design and help you understand how you best make decisions so you can get really clear on how to create a life you love to show up for!

Not sure if you are ready for a call, you can start your human design journey with this free human design energy types guide.

Looking for WITHIN: A Guide Back to YOU? It will be launching soon, here is how you can be the first to know!!

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