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We are taking a "whole ass" approach to life. From business to spiritual tools and practices, buckle up because we are talking about it all. I'm here to remind you to go WITHIN and embrace who you were designed to be, and REVIVE your desires so you can create a life you love to show up for!

Hey, Lacie Jaye!

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The best part about life is doing it together! What better way than to invite some amazing guests on the pod to share their gifts, talents, and work they are doing to make this world a better place. I'm so excited!!

Everything but the BORING

Listen up, I know I am here to add value to your life, which means we will be chatting about anything life, business, spiritual tools and practices, things I can't shut up about and everything in between. Life is fun, and these episodes are here to remind you to fall in love with ALL of life.

Sometimes I think of myself as a wise-old grandmother stuck in a 34 year-old body sharing gold nuggets. If there is one thing I know I am called  to in this life time, it's to be vulnerable and share my journey in hopes it helps one other person not feel so alone.


what you'll get here!

I’m Lacie Jaye, your online bestie who is here to cheer you on!

I love talking all things life AND business with a side of spiritual woo woo magic because I believe the spiritual is just as important as the physical. We like to take a "whole ass" approach when it comes to life.

Buckle up, you are in for a ride.

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Want to know my deepest darkest secret? I am terrified of dying before I impact those I am called to impact. For years I allowed fear to hold me back from living the life I knew I was called to live. I am finally going all in, and I'm sharing the journey. 

My superpower is cheering women on to become the best version of themselves while pursuing a life they are excited to live.

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