You're not stuck, you just don't trust yourself.

How empowering would it be to TRUST yourself? Like really trust yourself!? Think about the amount of stress that would leave your body if you were able to trust that you could make wise choices for your life without always feeling like you had to rely on everyone else around you.

Self-DisCovery Call

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The truth is, I don't have all the answers,
 but I know someone who does, and that someone is YOU!

It's time you confidently walk through life with a clear vision knowing your light radiates, your voice matters, and the dream inside you is yours to cultivate and bring to life.

real talk:

Let's create a life you love to show up for!

How It Works

Book your 90-minute Self-Discovery Call and fill out the form so I can get to know you & what you are expecting from our call together.


A ONE-time Zoom call where together we dive deep into who you were called to be and set you up to…SOAR!


After our session ends, you'll have 48 hours of extra coaching on Voxer for any follow up questions from call or with the take-home tools.


To know you are meant to be doing something rad with your life, but you can't seem to get there.

For years I I found myself completely paralyzed because I was so busy listening to what everyone else wanted for my life. I was unable to trust myself enough to go after what my heart and soul were telling me to do. In fact, there was a time in my life when ordering food caused extreme anxiety because I was so worried I would make the wrong choice.

Learning about my human design changed my life. It helped me to take my power back, and helped me to learn to trust myself when it came to making big decisions in my life and business.

look... I know what it's like to Feel stuck.

.. and Now I get the honor to show you that you've had the power within you all along. 

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Don't look back a year from now and wonder where you would be if you had just taken that first step

Ready to Make Your Dreams Happen?

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“Working with Lacie will change your life. I’ve worked with her for years and the things that I have learned from her have changed my life. I have learned how to build and create habits that facilitate days that build my dream life and help me reach my goals. Implementing the things I have learned from Lacie has led to so much growth and depth in my life. I am forever grateful for her knowledge and I know that you will be also.”

- alisha g.

Don't  take it from me...

Here's What You Can Expect

Understanding your human design

We will use the power of Human Design to help you understand how you best make decisions so you can create a clear vision for where you want to go.

DREAM Method tools

Depending on your goals, I will provide you with customized tools and practices to help you integrate your session for long term success. 


Whether you want to gain clarity for your personal life or business, I provide a safe space for you to show up completely as yourself. 

If you are new to human design and you want to learn more before you book a call grab my energy type guide to human design in the freebies section!

"You really do have a gift for inspiring people and getting them excited about something"


"You really are helping me to show up in a way I didn't think I could, and start trusting myself…"

billie michelle

"Thank you so much for all the inspiration and motivation you've given me."

jonah long

You're ready to create a life you love

You're ready to use your voice

You  want to launch your dream

You want to gain more clarity in life, business, wellness, etc...

you want to trust yourself on a deeper level

Is This Right For You?

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There is no better time than now to start trusting yourself to bring the dream you have been given to life. You have what it takes, and together we can help you gain the clarity you need to create a life you love showing up for!

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Self-Discovery Call

is that a yes?

- tabatha

Working with Lacie has been amazing! She is so relatable and makes talking about what I need help working through, easy to do! Using Human Design, she helped me to remember about one of the gifts that I have and how helpful it will be for me in my business. She helped me to realize one of my blocks and how to get past it. Lacie helped me to gain so much clarity around my business and I am so grateful for her!! Highly recommend working with Lacie!

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