My Favorite Green Detox Smoothie

March 22, 2023

What is human design? and how to start using it.
what is this magical drink they call 'happy juice?!'
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I'm Lacie jaye!

An only child craving community, a podcaster, wife, and mama to two beautiful babes who is here to share her journey and live her life out loud.
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It's time you confidently walk around with a clear vision knowing your light radiates, your voice matters, and the dream inside you is yours to cultivate and bring to life.

Honestly, the look of green smoothies were never appealing.

When I made this one for the first time, I was sure I was going to hate every sip, but I was desperate to help my body after some health issues left me with numb legs & no answers.

This green smoothie has now become a favorite of mine. I make it almost every morning, and now have other men and women addicted to them. So I hope you enjoy & tag me if you make your own Green Detox Smoothie (Ig: heylaciejaye)!! ‍‍

Type 2 Collagen‍

If you are looking for a high quality type 2 collagen I highly recommend the Covera Collagen 2 High Performance Elixir. This collagen has helped with joints, skin, nails, and growing back my bald spots! It comes in unflavored & Island Paradise. Unflavored is great to add in coffee or mix with smoothies. Flavored is delish! Just add water and go.

Here is a $10 off link just for you.

Total Body Detox‍

Ready to up your detox game?? Total Body Detox is an incredible detox meant to be taken daily to help support liver and kidney, blood and colon cleansing, and gives you premium gut health!!!

Here is a $10 off link just for you.‍‍

You can save 20% when you choose subscribe and save, where you will have total control of your orders that ship every 30, 45, or 60 days. There are no cancellation fees, and the best part is you get to try is risk free for 60 days. When was the last time you were able to do that with products?

Please reach out if you have any questions!!

xo Lacie Jaye

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