The Future of Skincare is Waterless. Why People Are Switching to Oliveda by Olive Tree People

May 8, 2024

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Waterless Skincare

But water is good for me, so if it is my skincare products it must be fine. Right?!

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Did you know water is the first ingredient in most skincare products on the market (from drugstore to medical grade), making up to 70% of the product WATER!

FACT: Water oxidizes and is a breeding ground for bacteria, yeast, and mold. To prevent this; water based products require preservatives.

FACT: Preservatives contribute to inflammation and have a negative impact on your skin’s microbiome and skin barrier.

FACT: inflammation is the root cause of many skin conditions

QUESTION: Why do we continue to use skincare products primarily formulated with water and preservatives to combat skin concerns that are most likely caused by inflammation in the first place?

QUESTION: Why are we not questioning what ingredient’s are in the products we are putting on our skin, the largest organ, every single day?

Meet Olive Tree People

Instead of water, Olive Tree People products are formulated with an antioxidant rich olive leaf elixir made from our very own ancient mountain olive trees!

This elixir is an anti-aging powerhouse that is naturally stable (no need for preservatives), and replaces the 70% water with an organic, active ingredient- hydroxytyrosol!

… which keeps the cells of olive trees alive for up to 4,000 years.

What is Hydroxytyrosol?

Hydroxytyrosol, a polyphenol extracted from the olive leaf, is a super powerful antioxident that dramatically fights against inflammation. Polyphenols benefit health, in part, because they combat oxidative stress-a type of stress within the body that damages lipids, proteins, and DNA iin a way that contributes to heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, and dementia.

Not only do we have this incredible ingredient in our waterless skincare, but we have it in our health elixirs.

Beauty from the inside out!

Olive Tree People products have up to 95% more potency which means you are paying for bio-active ingredient’s instead of water and preservative filled products.

Take my money!!

Here is what the European food and safety authority has to say about Hydroxytyrosol:

The European Food and Safety Authority (ESFA) confirms, that a daily intake of at least 5 milligrams of the antioxidant “Hydroxytyrosol” effectively protects human cells from oxidative stress and thus prevents the breakdown of the body’s own beauty molecule collagen and hyaluronic acid. At the same time it supports the cells in forming new collagen.

Before we go any further you can check out this link to give you more information and a better visual of conventional brands vs. Olive Tree People Skin Care.

What I love about Olive Tree People is that they are a European brand that includes Oliveda and LA DOPE.

… and get this, it all started with Thomas in his tree house in an olive tree in 2001.

A freaking tree house.

What Olive Tree People Stand for

  1. Made in Germany (20 years of business)
  2. Under european union regulations (much more thorough and strict than fda
  3. No synthetic fillers
  4. No ADDED water
  5. No synthetic fragrances
  6. Bioactive living ingredients

A few things that stand out to me the most about Oliveda as a brand is the fact that they are made in Germany, meaning they are lawfully required to abide by strict European Safety Standards banding 4080 ingredients deemed unsafe for personal care use.

The most exciting thing about the EU Cosmetic Regulation is that these safety standards and ingredient regulations apply to all ingredients including those fund under the term fragrance, aroma, and perfume in European products.

Here is a link the EU Never List”

They also have a European restricted allergen list that bans 661 ingredients.

These ingredients can be used, but they have maximum concentration requirements and they must be listed separately on the label- outside of the term “fragrance” to provide transparency to consumers and allow companies to safely preserve unique scents.

Here is the link to the EU “Restricted allergen” list

Why Does The Label Say Water?

Since we are talking about waterless skincare it is only fair to to explain why you see water listed as an ingredient.

Let me explain.

Water is “never added to our formulas, it is naturally occurring in the olive leaf and in the process of washing and pressing the leaves.

Have no fear, our products are filled with highly potent and bioactive cell elixir of the olive leaf that supports your skin.

Ready to Switch to Waterless skincare?

Olive Tree People have made it so easy to figure out what products are best for your skin with the OliveBrain Skincare quiz.

Plus, you get a free eye product when you purchase two of your recommendations.

Not to mention free shipping over $50 and a 365 Day return policy!

When you take the OliveBrain quiz you will receive an email with your results. Make sure to use a valid email so we can connect and I can answer any questions you may have!

Not sure where to start?
You can purchase a whole new regimen, but if you are looking at what two products may be best for you, you can grab a cleanser and face cream to get started.

Already love your cleanser?
I always recommend grabbing a serum and facial cream for your two products to unlock your free gift.

please note that free products are subject to change, and at times we may be OOS with products due to Olive Tree People taking off in the US, and due to the bioactive nature of our formulas (and lack of yucky synthetic preservatives) we run products every three months. PS you may experience purging.

Check this out!

I started using waterless skincare in 2020 and I haven’t looked back. Waterless skincare has been one of the greatest gifts to my skin after dealing with major issues and trying medical grade products.

In the rare occasion I forget my skincare, and have to use conventional skincare, I can’t believe how terrible my skin feels after one wash with it. I am so thankful that after all my skin challenges it has lead me to a waterless skincare line that I love, and get the honor to share with you!

If you have any questions or I can help you in anyway, leave a comment down below or reach out via the contact form!

xo Lacie Jaye

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