5 Natural Remedies to Help with Periods

September 3, 2023

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Every month I dread the visit of my period.
About 9 days before my period I am met with lots of emotions, tears, anger & exhaustion. It feels like three weeks out of the month I am dealing with woman issues, which leads me to one week of feeling pretty good.

I figured I am not alone so I am sharing my secrets because friends what whats working!

So here are 5 Natural Remedies to help ease your period


I love exercise. It plays are huge part in stress & relief when it comes to periods. While I am not a huge fan of intense workouts during my period because I want to respect it’s process, I do try to move my body for 30 minutes. It helps to relieve backaches & cramps, and gives me a dose of endorphins to help with mood swings. Walking, yoga, stretching are great remedies to help with periods, and they help with feelings of sadness, irritability, and anxiety.‍


As much as I want to run for the greasy fries & ice cream I am realizing how much food plays a major roll with my monthly cycle. Large amounts of sugar, fat, and salt can wreak havoc on your mood. You don’t have to avoid them altogether, but finding a balance with fruits, veggies, and high quality of meat will help support your body, and keep your blood sugar from dropping.

Favorite snack of mine:

  1. Cut an apple into slices
  2. Drizzle some Raw Honey on each slice
  3. Sprinkle Ceylon Cinnamon over as many slices as you like


We all have an endless list of things to do, but sleep is so important when it come to helping with periods. Getting seven to eight hours of sleep at night should be a goal every night, but even more during menstrual cycle. This will help with mood & exhaustion that many feel during periods.‍


Many of us are already under a lot of stress with our daily lives. Stress during periods can worsen mood swings. Deep breathing exercises and meditation can help calm your mind and your body!‍

Remedy Balms

I find myself reaching for my favorite remedy balms daily, but my newest one is made just for women! It is a natural made just for periods called ComfHERt Balm, which is pretty much a warm hug for your ovaries and it’s HER approved! Not only that, but every purchase fuels efforts to end child trafficking. Products with a mission. The ComfHERt Balm is filled withCinnamon blendChamomileMood Boosting Essential oilsWild Crafted HerbsFarm Fresh Beeswax‍

Meet the founder & master herbalist, Jaime Cross. She is speaking on this amazing period product that is helping so many women each month with their cycles, and reminding them that they are capable & strong!‍‍

You can order here for $10 off for a first time order, and save 20% when you choose subscribe and save, where you will have total control of your orders that ship every 30, 45, or 60 days. There are no cancellation fees, and the best part is you get to try is risk free for 60 days. When was the last time you were able to do that with basic products!‍

xo Lacie Jaye

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