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What is Happy Juice!? The skinny on this delicious, Cortisol lowering drink.

I didn’t want to like Happy Juice, but I decided to try it after walking through a really stressful 5 month season of life that left me feeling like I could use the help that some of the testimonies talked about.

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Welcome to the Hey, Lacie Jaye! Blog

If there is one thing you should know, I am passionate about sharing the things I love and believe will make your life easier and more enjoyable. I'm here to chat about various topics- from wellness and my personal journey of weight loss transformed into self-love, to beauty and business, to my love for morning rituals and practices that can help you reconnect with yourself.

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We like it salty and sweet

Understanding Your Energy Type in Human Design – Generators In this episode of ‘Hey, Lacie Jaye! The Podcast,’ Lacie Jaye delves into the concept of energy types within Human Design, focusing specifically on Generators. She explains the importance of understanding your energy type as the foundational element of Human Design. Lacie shares insights from her […]

09. Intro to Human Design


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In this episode, Lacie Jaye talks about the concept of spoon naps and the importance of rest. She explains that taking short naps can be healthy and beneficial, especially for new moms. Lacie Jaye shares her favorite way to take a nap. She suggests setting a timer for at least 15 minutes to ensure a […]

[Gold Nugget] How to Take a Refreshing Spoon Nap


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Lacie Jaye discusses the importance of starting a wellness journey without feeling overwhelmed, focusing on the benefits of walking as a simple and effective way to move the body and improve overall well-being. She shares her personal journey and encourages listeners to embrace intentional movement for improved mood and stress relief. This is also the […]

08. The Power of Intentional Movement: Starting Your Wellness Journey


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In this episode we are talking about one of the biggest lessons I learned while building my brand, Hey, Lacie Jaye! Build in Private so You Can Launch in Confidence. I wanted to share what happened when I protected the vision I was given for my brand, and how it kept it from having any […]

07. Build in Private so You Can Launch in Confidence


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In this episode we are chatting about why I chose to build a website and blog, and how it has helped me to clear my mind and create more brain space.

06. Why I Built a Website Even When the Social Media Gurus Said Not To


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There is a reason why waterless skincare is taking off, and people are switching to Oliveda

The Future of Skincare is Waterless. Why People Are Switching to Oliveda by Olive Tree People


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Hey friend! In this episode we chat about my favorite way to start the day with Arise with 5, which focuses on building healthy habits and intentionally starting the day. We talk about going within, embracing who you are, and creating a life you love. The five key components of Arise with Five are waking […]

05. Creating Habits with Arise With 5


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Our tap water can’t be that bad… can it? Before we get started I want to note I know how it can feel to learn about tap water, or any of the other everyday things that have become toxic in our modern world, and feel super overwhelmed, which is why part of me is cringing […]

3 Water Filters I swear by! and why we have them in our home.


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Ok friend, I want to start the conversation around email marketing. Things are shifting in the digital business space no matter if you are selling your own courses or you are in Network Marketing. If you haven’t looked into email marketing, now is the time. For years I have heard leaders and gurus preach that […]

Why Email Marketing is Awesome Sauce!! (and why you should use it to grow your business)


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